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A seedling is a delicate matter. Once started you must tend to it daily or it will perish. There must be light and moisture and also heat but not too much of any one of these things. A healthy seedling is a good start to any garden but can be very tricky. You can plant your seeds in little containers or compostable pots and keep them outside under a cold frame, if you don’t own your own greenhouse, or you can plant them indoors. I have always wanted to use a cold frame but have never taken the time to make one so I usually plant my seedlings indoors. Indoor planting can cause some trouble. The seedlings need lots of light, if there is not enough the dark moist soil will become moldy. If there is too little moisture the soil becomes light and dry and the plants will wilt and die. It is a fine balance between light and dark. I don’t usually fertilize my starter plants. It doesn’t seem necessary and I heard that it can burn the plants. So other than that they do all the work. Now at some point you want them to be able to survive outside, so when there is no fear of frost or rain I usually take them out to get them acquainted with the great outdoors. You must watch them like a hawk, though. A predator may try to eat them, like a rabbit, or they could become prey to bugs or grubs and any sudden change of weather or temperature will render them helpless. It’s a rough world out there. They still need watering and they may still need to come indoors at night. Now you may say this is all too much! And that is fine, you can sow your seeds directly into the soil of your garden plot. I have done this many times but it will take a little longer and you won’t know what exactly will sprout but the sensitivity of transplantation will be avoided. I am using seeds from the seed library in the Hudson Valley this year.  Their art pack is what attracted me to this seed catalog. Very nicely designed cover art from local artists don these seed packages and can be used as wall art after planting! http://www.seedlibrary.org

Seed art