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Anna and Thomas in the garden

We were in the community garden again this week, weeding and watering. The plants are doing quite well for what little attention they are getting. The soil here is still a mystery to me, so very dry and hard on top but once you dig down a little it seems moist enough to sustain the plants, at least so far. It has also been very hot in Germany lately. We have had a few scorchers so far for early June and the weather seems to have gone from cold and winter like to full fledged summer days almost overnight. We had a good time with Anna in the garden this week even though it was very hot and one of us had to stay in the shade with her while the other did some work. Taking turns seems to be the way things work with a seven month old these days. I have also been fretting over sunblock lately. I have been receiving alerts from different friends as to the possible health hazards of the many different components that make up sunblock that I am not sure which ones are safe to use and if the potential negative health impacts outweigh all the other risks of sun exposure. I try to do most of my gardening in the early morning or late afternoon/evening hours when there is less risk of burning plants when watering them and also burning myself in the noonday sun. I usually only put on sunblock when I know I will be exposed to bright sun for a prolonged period of time. Don’t tell my dermatologist this. Any way, gardening is more fun when you aren’t wilting under the midday heat or squinting to see your plants against the glare of the bright sun. I hope that it will never get to the point where we have ruined our atmosphere so much that we can only go out at night or when it’s raining like a story in Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man.