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I am currently in the U.S.A. Yeah! Thomas, my daughter Anna and I arrived here from Germany last week and are recovering from jet lag and the intense heat that seems to have followed us here. My backyard garden was showing signs of yellow squash before we left and a few small green tomatoes were also popping up on some of the branches that had yellow flowers on them. We have engaged family and friends to water our plants for us while we are away but my thoughts have meandered to my childhood garden and I am eager to see how my old garden is doing. We will be spending time at the house I grew up in in less than two weeks and I wonder if the garlic I planted last year is thriving, if the rhubarb from last spring survived and if the tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and other seasonal vegetables that my dad planted this year are holding their own in this heat. I am supposed to be on vacation here in R.I. for two weeks but it’s hard to be a visitor when this is where I lived for the past ten years. We are staying in a house that’s only a mile away from where we used to live before we moved to Germany and I keep feeling like I just want to go home. One advantage of being in this house as opposed to being in our old home is that this house has air conditioning. I have never lived in a house with central air before and it does have its advantages: I can bake without dying from a heat stroke! I picked up some locally grown yellow squash from a Whole Foods when we arrived and I made some delicious muffins this morning with them. I would have never thought about making muffins with squash but these were featured on a blog that I like to read about a little boy with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and they looked and sounded delicious. They are ridiculously easy to make and so tasty. I think when we get back to Germany I will make another batch of these with the yellow squash from the backyard that should be ready to be harvested by then. Until then I will set my sights on my old garden and what promises may lay ahead for me there this summer.

Squash Muffins

Yellow Squash Muffins