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I was visiting where I grew up in upstate NY these past few weeks…

A field of flowers

Black eyed Susan

Little yellow flowers

A walk with a view

Marsh land

Barn and silo

Another field of flowers

Wild flowers

Our neighbor's field

Queen Anne's lace


Where Thomas, Anna and I went for lots of long walks along the road near my house…

Thomas and Anna

And through the field between my dad’s and my grandfather’s house…

My dad's hay wagon

An old hay rake

In my grandfather's field

To get to my former garden, where I had the chance to weed and water this summer…

Tomato plant



Cucumber patch


Hot pepper


And when it was too hot to be in the garden we went to the pool

Where we took Anna swimming for the first time…

Floating baby

Anna and me at the town pool

At the poolside



We had lots of fun,

But when the month was over…

We had to leave to go back to our new home in Germany

And leave my old home behind…

On the road