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It’s one of those rainy, stay-inside days. My plants have been getting plenty of water over the past couple of days. It’s the kind of weather where you want to read all day whilst sipping a cup of tea or watch old movies and eat a grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of hot soup. When I was growing up and it was a rainy summer day like today I loved any excuse to curl up in my room and read. On my birthday (which is coming up on the 27th!) when I was about 9 or 10 years old my aunt gave me this book:

Save the Earth!

Save the Earth!:  An Ecology Handbook for Kids by Betty Miles

This is a great book which covers the basics of environmental problems, how they start, ways to mitigate them and activities you can do at home to become more aware of your environment. I used to love to pour over this book and try all the different experiments in it.  It gave me a better understanding of the earth, how not to take nature for granted and that the land is a very precious thing.