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Raw chick peas

My two youngest brothers came to visit me in Germany for two and a half weeks and just before they arrived I made a large batch of hummus with a recipe that I hadn’t used since I was in high school.  I had found it when I was staying at my dad’s house last month and was rummaging through the old recipe box shaped like a little oven that has always been in our kitchen and has never moved from its place above the microwave, even after my parents had broken up. It was filled with my mom’s and my recipes. Recipes we made up ourselves, recipes we received from others and ones we found in books or magazines. They were mostly my recipes, ones that I had tried out long ago and had forgotten about, or almost forgotten about in the the case of the hummus recipe. It was from my first time ever eating that creamy spread when I was at a friend’s house for dinner on a summer’s night quite a while ago, that I acquired it.  My friend’s mother had made this delectable spread which had me hooked from the moment it touched my taste buds. The garlic and lemon and just a little bit of spice from the cracked pepper and scallions made it a memorable moment in time for me. Never had I been exposed to such a unique and flavorful blend and to think that this was ultimately a paste made from ground up chickpeas! The nuttiness from the tahini (which at the time I had never heard of before) rounded out the flavor of the garbanzo beans nicely and became a pantry item that from then on would always be present on my kitchen shelf. My friend, who also writes a blog about food and somewhat inspired me to start writing this blog, is also an avid cook and baker. She and I grew up in neighboring towns not far from each other in upstate NY and were both home-schooled for a time but we didn’t meet one another until we ended up attending the same high school. I had almost forgotten about her mother’s hummus recipe, which I had left behind (when I left home for college), until one day this summer when I was driving by the spring near her parents house and it reminded me of a time when I was given a taste of something quite unique and truly unforgettable.

Hummus Recipe

I didn’t have scallions on hand so instead I used chives that were growing in our backyard and I think it came out just as good.


I don’t use yogurt or sour cream. This recipe is just that good on its own, but you can try it however you like.