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Anna in our old apartment

For the last two weeks Anna, our 17 month old daughter, hasn’t been wanting to eat much. We have been lucky to get one solid meal in and then she will snack and pick at her food for the rest of the time. We were told by two different doctors that this is normal for her age, arghhh…

Anna ready to eat, or not...

She has also had a low grade fever fluctuating between 37.5° C and 39.5° C for the past week. Last night was the highest her temperature has been all week and as a result we were up all night with a crying, uncomfortable and unwilling to sleep toddler.

Not going to eat!

So today wasn’t a banner day for me to say the least. I was tired, worried, irritable and just plain worn out.  After the breakfast fiasco was finally over around 11am, she was eating her favorite oatmeal but very, very slowly, we groggily headed over to the  pediatrician once again. So the verdict this time is her teeth are the culprit, causing her swelling and pain in her gums. It looks like a battle field in her mouth right now as about 6 new teeth are pushing their way to the surface, including those gigantic molars all the way in the back! I am glad that she already has about a dozen of the 20 teeth that are expected to come, but I wasn’t expecting the rest of them to come all at once! So we have been confined to the house now for days with a cranky, fevery, and apparently sharp toothed baby. Our balcony has been one of the only places I can take her that calms her down and distracts her from the constant pain that she is apparently in.

Our Balcony


Although it does seem coincidental that every now and then when I’m not looking and her dad sneaks one off the shelf,  all the symptoms will recede when she has a cookie in her hand!

For this reason it was a welcome change that I was able to make it out of the house today for a pleasant walk with Anna down to the end of our road and onto a more pleasurable walking path. This foot path that our road turns into follows alongside the edge of a large, open field and then winds along into the woods on the opposite side. Before you enter the woods on the right hand side of the path there is a spot that is mysteriously kept out of reach with a large metal gate that is always shut. I have always been very curious about this furtive, vine covered gateway and what lay beyond it for about a year now, ever since we moved to this area and have strolled with lingering interest by this gate so many times. Since Anna was having a good moment after her nap today I decided to take her out for a walk and into the warmth of the golden sun lit afternoon. We made our way quietly, watching birds and people, to the end of the wide open and sunny field, along to the edge of the quickly darkening wood where we briefly stopped off to peer in through an open space that lead through to the other side of the unlocked gate…

More to this story coming soon