The story continued:

On the Path Where We Live


This illusive piece of land near our house in Germany that has always made us look in wonder and in awe at what was beyond this well guarded perimeter,


Peeking In Through the Gate


we recently learned is the land that was managed by the former gardener/landscaper of my husband’s parents. The old man, now since deceased, used to bring vegetables to my husband’s family in the summers when they were still living  in the two story, red tile roofed house just down the street from here. We had been looking for a plot of land near our house where we could start a garden, a place close enough to walk to and with ample space. Our new apartment doesn’t have a yard (at least not a shared one),  just a balcony, so we needed to find a place to put our vegetables this summer. The community garden from last summer was great but it was a little bit of a drive to get there and we didn’t want to have to waste time and gas every time we wanted to make a salad!

Upon inquiry we found out that the successor of the old man, who is now in charge of this land, uses it to store plants for the landscaping business he runs in town. We stumbled upon him one day early this spring when taking one of our routine, afternoon walks down the long paved path at  the end of our dead end street which winds through the open fields and into the woods. We were gazing in through the rusty gate in wonderment when he drove up in his truck. He was very amiable about letting us use his space for our garden since he only seldom uses the land himself and quickly showed us how to unlock the gate…

The Lock


(which isn’t really locked at all Shhhh!) and led us onto this plot of secret land.

Beyond the Gate


And into the Garden


He encouraged us to come as often as we liked to work on our garden and only asked that we keep the gate closed…


Tools of the Trade




Anna Hard at Work



In our “Secret Garden”



There are lots of flowers and trees, a little fence near where we are digging our garden plot, which will be good for things to grow on, and there is…


A Pile of Wood Next to the Garden Plot


Flowers Blooming Everywhere


And Row After Row of Berry Bushes!


We returned to the main path after a long afternoon of work in our secluded garden…


Sheep Grazing in a Field Across from the Entrance to the Garden



On the Path that Leads to Our House


Just Stopping for a Minute...


To Pick a Flower




And we are on our way again, headed home.