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We went to the beach last weekend, in Holland.

We chose the closest point to where we live in Germany and ended up here…

Where we walked along sandy paths

through brambles and low lying vegetation

making our way over hill after hill in this sea of sand,

finding ourselves lost in a maze of endless sand dunes and empty horizons…

We finally made our way on over a 1/4 mile hike through desert like conditions

to the last stretch of uninhabited wilderness

and were welcomed

by the vast open waters of the North Sea

and the friendly signs of life on the beach.

We much enjoyed our time on the beach despite its flutter of activity, however,  Anna was not too sure about the sand at first…

but after a few times down the slide at the beach playground with her dad

she started to relax, walk around, play in the sand

and muster up the courage to chase run after a few seagulls.

On our way back to the hotel we lingered through the main street of the small coastal town, Hoek van Holland

checking out the local sights

where there were pubs at every corner

and a port within walking distance to the center of town.

Here we found sheep grazing  and a brownish black one that looked just like my long lost sheep, Abby,

on a long, sloped field between the harbor and the main part of town.

The mother and her two babies stopped near us to get a drink on this hot day last weekend

when we noticed that one of the lambs with its black and white speckled wool looked just like a little version of a Holstein cow!

This little guy was so cute I couldn’t get enough pictures of him

and his sibling.

What an adorable scene! It made me miss my old sheep Abby dearly. She was a black sheep that I had raised from the time she was a little lamb. Years ago when I went off to college my parents told me they were going to have to find another home  for her. I knew this would be the best thing for my fluffy, black sheep Abby. However, when I finally returned home from school that year she had already been given away and when I wanted to know who had responded to the ad to take her, no one was able to really remember exactly who the elusive woman was that had offered a home to my Abby at her small, family run farm somewhere in the vast neighboring countryside of upstate NY where I grew up… Reminiscing about Abby made me a little sad but seeing this family of sheep cheered me up greatly.

Anna loved watching the “babies” too (she is calling every animal a baby or a birdie right now)

but it was getting late and we were quite tired out from a long day of sight-seeing and walking on the beach

so we left the family of sheep behind and finally headed back to our lodging for a restful night before we returned home.