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I haven’t posted in a while, at least two months now, because we’ve been away from our home in Germany, traveling to a far away place… where there is limited (and sometimes no) internet access but instead endless fields scattered with intermittent forests, where the many roads have but very few cars driving on them and where you can easily forget yourself in the quietness of nature.


Looking towards my dad's house


Since the second week of May, Thomas, Anna and I had been visiting the small town in upstate NY where I grew up.


A field near my house


We went for walks down the road where I used to live, where I rode my bike every summer as a kid and where I often made the short walk from my parent’s house to my grandfather’s house down the street.


Walking home


We relaxed in the hammock at my dad’s house,


On the hammock


Spent time with my five younger siblings (not all at once, unfortunately!),

Went for bike rides and long walks,





Played with my eight-year old niece Ava and my daughter Anna,


Ava and Anna

During which time I tried to pick up and pet one of the five cute and fluffy little cats who were born shortly before we arrived and got bit by an agitated and unhappy kitten in the process!


Thomas and I ate some of our favorite foods, that we can only get in the U.S., like my dad’s one-of-a-kind pizza, my brother’s homemade cinnamon rolls and my mom’s healthy  famous cookies,

We went to the Carrot Barn, ate lunch and had carrot brownies (Oh my, delicious!),

We took Anna to the local library,

Hung out at my mom’s house and baked apple and blueberry pies,

Played cards with my younger brothers,

Helped one of my sisters install a bathtub and put up Sheetrock,

Moved all of our furniture and lots of our stuff from a storage unit in Rhode Island to my grandfather’s new barn,

Did some yard work with my grandfather at his house,

Bought seedlings,

And of course started a garden!


Our garden at my grandfather's house

Tomato cages

Tomato plant






Anna had fun playing in my grandfather’s yard while we worked in the garden


Anna in the currant bush

Another little friend hiding in the currant bush


And loved endlessly running around under the apple trees in my grandfather’s backyard.


Anna running around

Taking a juice break

Relaxing under the apple trees


This is the view looking out from my garden through my grandfather’s field…


Beyond the garden


We had a wonderful time visiting with my family and I’m glad that we got to stay for as long as we did.

I can’t wait until our next trip home…