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The day after Thanksgiving most people who celebrate this holiday with a large meal wake up not wanting to cook or prepare an elaborate breakfast. If something light and quick is what you need I have just the breakfast for you. Since Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here in Germany my husband, two year old daughter Anna and I will be celebrating our own version of Thanksgiving this weekend instead. Last year our celebration of this merry holiday was postponed as well. I am looking forward to a large feast on Saturday with a fresh turkey from a local farm, which my husband the vegetarian will not be eating most likely, plenty of sides and of course a pie for dessert. Until then we are keeping it simple and Anna and I have been enjoying a very simple version of muesli for breakfast almost every day this week. It is wholesome, tasty and light but satisfying enough to fulfill your morning hunger without leaving you feeling overly full. And after a night of indulgences this muesli is just the thing to wake up to.



Morning Muesli

For one serving you will need:

2/3 cup oats (I use quick oats but old fashoned will work too)

2/3 cup milk

*Blueberries fresh or frozen (I use frozen wild blueberries)

*You can use any fruit with the oats or dried fruit, raisins, nuts etc. Be creative!

Pour the milk over the oats and mix to cover the oats then add the fruit on top. That’s it! Enjoy!