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Last weekend Thomas, Anna and I went out for lunch with some friends who have a daughter the same age as Anna. We suggested a farm/restaurant, Thomashof in Burscheid, that’s in the countryside here near Cologne, Germany that makes their own milk, cheese, yogurt and an assortment of other dairy products. There is a small shop on the first floor of the restaurant where you can sample their cheeses and buy any of their dairy and meat products. The farm is completely accessible, the barns are open to the public to walk through and see the cows and other animals: a handful of sheep, goats and rabbits. The family home is adjacent to the restaurant and as it is a family run business they make all of their dairy products right on the premises.

Thomashof Restaurant and "Molkerei" -Dairy

Fresh milk from Thomashof

Anna and her friend had fun walking through the barns and looking at the cows as they munched on some hay…

and we even saw some newborn calves and their mothers nestled in the straw.

One of the calves was being licked clean by it’s mother

and was trying to walk on wobbly legs

and when it finally got too tired from trying it returned to it’s mother for another quick drink.

The girls really liked all the cows but the rabbits that were located in a small shed next to house and across from the barn were the biggest attraction for them.

After checking out all the animals we returned to the restaurant where Anna and her friend played with toys from the toy chest and we ordered our food.

The Thomashof restaurant is beautiful inside with a light and airy, wooden decor, lots of room for dining on the first and second floors, a play area for the kids and plenty of natural light streaming in from the many windows. The food was delicious as always and here’s a peak at what Thomas and I had to eat!

Cheese omelet with side salad

Pork medallions with mushroom cream sauce, spinach and kroketten

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