I am knitting, sewing and crocheting items to sell on Etsy and donating all the proceeds to charitable groups.

Currently I am donating all funds to the United Way of New York State’s Hurricane Irene Recovery Fund. As you may know from one of my former posts the community where I grew up in upstate New York was badly affected from the hurricanes damage and entire towns in my community were washed out. Many people lost their homes, jobs and everything they owned. If any one is interested in donating to the recovery fund please follow either of these links:

Hurricane Irene Recovery Fund (United Way of New York State)

Network for Good (including links to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other donation sites)

You can find me and a list of the items I am selling on Etsy at Purling4People. Stop by and take a look or place an order if you would like!

If anyone is interested in donating a hand-made item to add to my shop on Etsy I would be very honored and grateful to have your help in this endeavor! Just write a comment on this post to let me know if you are interested or send me a message on Etsy.

Thanks, Laura V.


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