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It’s very hot were we are in Germany right now and my 34 month old daughter Anna and I have been trying to stay out of the heat of the midday sun and have been venturing out only in the mornings and in the afternoons (after she has allegedly taken an afternoon nap, which doesn’t always happen) to play outside. In the mornings we’ve been watering the numerous plants on our balcony together wherein I fill a large bucket with water and she dips her watering can in filling it up several times

and empties it watering the plants, the coarse cement balcony floor tiles, our wooden balcony chairs, the little, yellow, blow up kiddie pool and herself. Then we’ll head outside to our common yard to water some zucchini plants that I have in pots there for the time being (as I have no room left on our balcony or in the planters for them). Anna will play in our yard or we’ll stroll down the street to an abandoned and forgotten playground (which I’ll be posting more about soon) where Anna likes to play in the massive sand area there that was once a beach volley ball court or perhaps a huge over-sized sand box which is now overgrown by weeds, wild flowers and mossy patches. There is a table tennis table that sits there untouched only to collect fallen leaves, an old corkscrew seesaw sitting under a patch of shady trees and off to the side a wooden framed metal bar which could be a fragment of what may have been a set of climbing bars? Anna likes to chases butterflies there and help me water some plants… but I’ll talk more about that in my next post. Then we’ll head home to cool off and have a refreshing drink of something cool and satisfying like this smoothie.

Berry Berry Smoothie

Makes 2 very large glasses

2 Bananas

1/2 cup frozen Blueberries

1/2 cup frozen Raspberries

1/2 cup low-fat, plain Yogurt

1/4 – 1/2 cup low-fat Milk (or soy milk)

3-4 tablespoons Raw Sugar *Optional

Combine everything in a blender on high speed for 1-2 minutes or until everything is well blended. Serve immediately with a spoon and garnish with mint leaves (optional). Enjoy!